Professional Set of Brushes "For Yourself"

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The Set of Professional Brushes Klepachpro of Premium quality hair that includes all the basic brushes you need to create your own makeup.
Suitable for beginners and lovers of makeup.

The Set includes 6 brushes: S11, Е12, E16, E19, F12, F15

A Set of Professional Brushes KLEPACH.PRO of premium hair, which includes all the necessary basic brushes to create makeup for yourself.
Suitable for beginners and makeup lovers.

The set includes 6 brushes:

S11 - Bilateral brush of elastic hair with a brush, designed for makeup eyebrows.

Е12 - A brush of natural hair of a goat is designed for applying both dry and oily texture to the eye makeup. Excellent for blending.

E16 - Brush "Pencil", hair - goat.
The brush is designed for applying and feathering fat / liquid textures, as well as for dry ones.

E19 - Brush "Tongue", hair - sable.
Flat brush, designed for applying shadows and pigments in the makeup of the eyes. Great for working with the lower eyelids, and the study of "depth".

F12 - Brush duofiber for applying tone and fat correction.
Brush is intended for applying tonal means, base. Great for light-shadow face correction with cream textures.

F15 - Brush for the sculptor "Dome", hair - goat.
Brush is designed for applying powder, blush, highlighter. Great for light-shadow face correction with dry products.

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