Have a nice day followers and today in #usefultipsklepach we’ll talk about pigments and how to apply them correctly for permanent eye makeup⠀

by Администратор Главный

You ask us “why does the pigment crumble under the eyes?” etc. For those who want to be in trend and with beautiful makeup we have prepared recommendations and we’re ready to tell all the secrets of good application:

⠀• prepare everything you need: tints, brushes, pigments

⠀• prepare the eyelid (apply a tonal foundation to the eyelid)

⠀• use sticky textures as the base (base for the pigment) we recommend tints by klepach.pro

⠀• Until you fix the base with pigment, try not to move your eyes (look down)

⠀• use brushes E18, E19 (sable), E20 (pony pile)

⠀• keep in time until the tint is dry, apply pigment to the moving eyelid with printing movements (for rich color and shine)

⠀• don’t apply pigment on the eyelid without a base

⠀• don’t use synthetic brushes when you working with pigment

⠀• don’t try to fix pigments texture: star dust and sparks on a dry tint (sticky base is the key to success!)

⠀Follow these rules and your makeup will always be perfect!


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