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Τα προϊόντα είναι υπέροχα, φανταστικά σίγουρα θα τα προτείνω και σε φίλες μου να αγοράσουν από την εταιρεία klepach.
The pack arrived very fast (7 days) to Hungary. The costumer services super kind, fast, helpfull and friendly. The pigments are perfect!!! Beautiful, very goog quality product! I am glad I found this company!
Wow, but honestly, WOW!
Firstly and of course most importantly, both pigments and tints are insanely beautiful and good quality too. But beside that, to me as a customer ie´s important how good the online business is in communication. Klepach.Pro are really good at that. They reply to any of your queries within 12-24 hours compared to businesses in the West, it VERY quick. Besides that they keep in contact with you right until the point you get your order. In my case there was a bit of a mix up with the order, but THEY contacted me and THEY solved the problem without troubling me as customer. One more great thing about Klepach.Pro is that they have fantastic special offers. In other words: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Amazing quality products! Perfect costumer service. Love it
Amazing products and colours! Thank you soo much!!
Most incredible sparkling and beautiful pigment I've ever tried!
Pigments are unique thank you very much
Просто бесподобные тени! Я впервые сталкиваюсь с таким качеством и такой палитрой! Очень рада, что вы существуете! Двигайтесь вперед. У вас самые лучшие цвета!!! Я в полном восторге!!! Желаю вам больших успехов!
Best pigments ever and delivery! Thanks Klepach Pro! I love U :)
Some of the best pigments out there! If you are a pro mua you need them in your kit!
Thank you guys, you've done an amazing job! I wish more pros out there known you!

*Oh, also the package came very fast and very well packaged, not to be lost or broken! Well done! You don't see that every day!
A few words about the pigments: extremely happy with my order! The shades are very beautiful, diverse, suitable for both commercial makeup and creative. Already rush use. The quality is good, do not crumble! Recomend for everybody.
It is time to talk about my order. Girls, pigments are delightful!!! I have been working as a make-up artist for more than 12 years and I want to say that KLEPACH.PRO pigments are superior to many famous brand names! It is a pleasure to work with them! Thank you, Svetlanochka, and your entire team! High-quality cosmetics, fast delivery. Everything is super!
My and girls pigments have arrived! We are incredibly happy and very impressed. The first thing that caught my eye was the volume! 1 gram - and almost a full jar. Not in everyone, of course, but in the majority! The girls who ordered with me, also squeal with delight! Yesterday, as I received, I smeared all the colors, I really like the grinding, brilliance and the color palette itself! And I would also like to mention the service! Paid - and after 10 days the package was in Minsk! This is the speed! Successes to you in brand development! The colors are amazing, Svetlana is a very good colorist.
All pigments are insanely beautiful for every taste and color of various colors and textures in convenient jars. Why the details about the jar? Because for a make-up artist it is very important that it was comfortable, does not take up much space and at the same time is beautiful. I saw only a small part of the process of producing the line of these cool pigments, but this minimum was enough for me to understand how Oleg and Sveta approached each question in detail. You are great fellows. The quality of the service of the guys is good, they will advise, advise, deliver as soon as possible. For me personally, this moment is very important. I am the owner of a complete collection of pigments KLEPACH.PRO, and I am very happy about that! Now, no makeup is complete without: "Would you like to add a color accent? I have here ..." or "And you would not want to add something delicate, I have here ...". In general, I am very glad to have in my “COSMETIC BAG” these particular pigments! There is a lot of others, but now they have all faded into the background!
Finally, hands reached writing words of admiration for my new purchases! Ordered these miracle jars, so beautiful, shiny, iridescent pigments. Rather I test everything! That evening, when I received them, there was no free space in my eyes, I tried all the colors in my two eyes, yeah ... it looked more than funny. The next day I decided to make a full makeup! I was very pleased. Incredibly beautiful colors, unearthly beauty pigments-chameleons, very persistent and rich! Everything came very quickly and very carefully packed! KLEPACH.PRO, thank you so much for the quality products and your employees who will help, advise and consult you on any matter.
Pigments are now my new love. The choice is very large, and it is very difficult to make it (I want everything). The choice is really very good. Firstly, this is the number of colors, secondly, these are different types of grinding (dust, sparks ...). Colors ... - there are so many colors for client makeup, but there are also for the soul, this is also a huge plus. Another very convenient jars. Pigments are very interesting in texture, on different backings, they are revealed in different ways. So take and experiment!
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