Chameleon for those who love colored details!

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@polli.make uses our №093 “Amazonite”. On a black gel eyeliner the pigment shimmers in bright blue and purple. On the primer - gets a blue glow.

You can find all products on write in WhatsApp +7 (938) 463-96-71.


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Pigments №096 “Ruby” and №039 “Gold” on the primer by get a glossy finish.

MUA: @ms.elmira_stylist

You can find all products on or write in WhatsApp +7 (938) 463-96-71.

You will definitely fall in love with these liquid eyeshadows

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What shades are already in your collection? And which ones aren't there yet?

There is a promotion on! You will receive liquid eyeshadow as a gift for every €16 in your check.

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And we continue to tell the story about lipstick. In 1450 BC, Queen Hatshepsup had to organize a military campaign to find carmine. Carmine was made from small insects - cochineal. The insects were boiled down, rubbed with goat fat and the essence was poured into small clay plates. It wasn’t easy to be beautiful in the Middle Ages. The famous Claudius Galen became one of the main opponents. He wrote that lipstick makes the breath unclean and the lips become covered with sores. ⠀ This was because in those days pigments were added to the lipstick that were poisonous (red lead, cinnabar). However, women continued to use lipstick. ⠀ The Christian Church didn’t like the face change. In the XIV century the Catholic Church banned cosmetics: the papa bull proclaimed that women who distorted the image of the Virgin Mary. During this period the Holy Inquisition had the right to arrest women for using lipstick. But the girls started mixing white to create a natural effect. ⠀ Although this didn’t help the girls were still poisoned by lead salts. ⠀ To be continued... ⠀ MUA: @korolrva_makeup

Yellow pigment №026 “Heliodorus” in makeup by @muahkaty!

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How to use concealer? 

• Use it as a makeup correction assistant. If you go beyond the lip contour with red lipstick or you don't like the sharpness of the arrow, concealer will help you fix these mistakes

• If you want a long-lasting lipstick effect but don't have a primer use a concealer. Concealer will cover natural lip color and lipstick will look rich

• Make your lips look bigger. Apply concealer in the middle and darken the corners (with a nude shade) with a matte pencil

• Use as a sculptor for a graphic cheekbone effect or reshape your nose

• Wanna eyebrow with a clear line? Use concealer!

• For a more lasting effect use concealer before your usual brow product

What are your secret ways to use concealer?

«Shine with pigments by klepachpro» - said and created makeup with pigment №048 «Green Diamond» ⠀

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 For more information visit or write in WhatsApp +7 (938) 463-96-71.

​Peach lips or golden bronze eye makeup?

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You don't have to choose, because tints by #klepachpro have a universal formula.

To create makeup in a single color palette apply tint on lips and eyelids.

For more information visit or write in WhatsApp +7 (938) 463-96-71.


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