«Shine with pigments by klepachpro» - @hanny.md said and created makeup with pigment №048 «Green Diamond» ⠀

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 For more information visit klepachpro.com or write in WhatsApp +7 (938) 463-96-71.

​Peach lips or golden bronze eye makeup?

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You don't have to choose, because tints by #klepachpro have a universal formula.

To create makeup in a single color palette apply tint on lips and eyelids.

For more information visit klepachpro.com or write in WhatsApp +7 (938) 463-96-71.

How to apply the foundation correctly? We’ll will tell you in #usefultipsklepach

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And today we’ll tell you about the most important stage.

For a good effect you need to choose and apply the right foundation and prepare the skin.

- Cleansing

Cleanse your skin with micellar water. This is a deep cleansing in which micelles absorb impurities and excess sebum.

After this stage it’s important not to skip the stage of skin toning to remove the remnants of micellar water. This will help avoid dryness and foundation problems.

- Toning

Use delicate formulations that don’t contain alcohol. Alcohol can cause skin redness and irritation.

- Moisturizing

Use your daily routine. For good effect apply serum or oil (before cream).

If your skin is oily it also needs moisture as well as dry.

Give your skin some time before applying foundation. It’s important that the moisturizer is absorbed.

- Primer

Primers are divided into different types and perform certain functions.

We’ll talk about this in detail in our next posts.

Have you tried them yet? ⠀

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It's time! The most unusual and unique collection by #klepachpro - ultrachameleons. ⠀ Remember: Apply pigment-ultrachameleon on a dark base, in this way this shade will show all its color. And to make it glossy use primer by KLEPACH.PRO.

Smokey by @natalie_brel with color accents!

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On the lower eyelid pigment №050 “Beryl”

Shining pigment №074 “Sodalite” in eye makeup by @basia.radkowska

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The best fit for your beauty routine !

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• Premium class hair
• Assembled by Japanese technology
• Wooden handles with matt finish
• A lot of brushes of different shapes and sizes
• Stainless steel ferrule

Professional brush set - 226.67€ only instead of 282.67€
Professional brush set "For Yourself" - 76.00€ only instead of 89.33€

SALE - 25%!

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Dear friends, we congratulate you on the International Day of Makeup Artist!

Our gift for you is a 25% discount on all cosmetics by KLEPACH.PRO. The discount will be valid only on 30.08 - 03.09.

We wish you a lot of inspiration and imagination. Let's celebrate this day together and congratulate ourselves with new products. Visit klepachpro.com and buy your favorite pigments.

Chin Chin!


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