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Historical note on the popularity of highlighters.

Highlighter is a decorative cosmetic product that can be used to lighten parts of the face, hide wrinkles and give the skin a healthy glow.

How were highlighters created?

The first mineral highlighter was used in traditional Chinese medicine back in 320 BC.

It was a shimmering powder of crushed pearls. It was applied all over the face to whiten the skin and treat various diseases.

During the middle ages a sign of the high class was considered light - "shiny" skin. The highlighter included white lead, flour and arsenic.

Such cosmetics were very dangerous.

Later, the composition was revised. Dangerous ingredients were replaced with natural ones (wheat, peas, barley, chickpeas, almonds, milk and horseradish seeds).

The first attempts to lighten areas of the face in terms of expressiveness and aesthetics are attributed to theater actors in the mid-16th century. In those days, they used chalk.

The highlighter achieved real popularity in the early years of cinema, when Max Factor invented contouring.

With the help of contouring the faces of the actors no longer seemed flat, they acquired additional volume and expressiveness.

In the 70s of the 20th century natural makeup came into fashion. Famous models have been on magazine covers with glowing skin and perfect facial contours. The secrets of contouring have become popular not only in movies.

You will find 10 favorite shades in our collection.

Color accent with pigment №12 “Turquoise”

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MUA: @p.a.y.l.i.n.a

Today we'll talk about the history of the creation of pigments

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Let's start our historical journey to Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

In these places, the girls used crumbs of stones instead of shadows.

In Ancient Egypt, eye makeup was considered not only from the aesthetic, but also useful functionality - protecting the eye from discomfort such as dryness, irritation, infection.

And even according to the ancients, such makeup could ward off evil spirits

For ease of application the pigment was mixed with animal and vegetable grease.

The main color palette of pigments is black green and blue.

The cosmetics were natural and had a mineral nature, they were made from stones crushed into dust - malachite and lapis lazurite.

  • History of Ancient Greece.

The weather in Greece were comfortable, the eyes didn’t need anxious care and protection.

Greek women wore colored shadows. The composition of the antique cosmetics was the same as the Egyptian - blue and green minerals, a fatty base to make the eyeshadows go smoothly. They say that Greek cosmetics enjoyed great success in Hellas.

  • Ancient Rome

Showing natural beauty and attractiveness, while the ladies showed the consistency of their kind.

Shades of green and blue eyeshadows remain unchanged, but another color is already appearing - yellow, made from a popular culinary plant - saffron.

In general, many of the Greek cosmetics recipes in ancient Rome have undergone modernization and improvement.

For example the Romans used not only colored minerals as pigments and dried inflorescences of various plants. So the color palette got bigger

To be continued...

Red lips in #usefultipsklepach !


A study at the University of Manchester found that men looked at women with red lipstick for 7.3 seconds, at a woman with pink lipstick for 6.7 seconds, and for 2.2 seconds at a lady with no lipstick.

⠀So how to get the perfect, attractive effect?

  • Prepare lips: clean (use a scrub), moisturize (lip balm) or use a primer (to smooth out the relief)
  • Apply lip liner for a long-lasting effect throughout the day. Use matte resistant textures
  • Apply lipstick with a professional makeup brush. Smooth, bouncy brush helps to create perfect contour line

⠀We recommend the S15 synthetic brush for creamy textures - perfect for red lipstick

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Bronze #lipart


@a.g__makeup_ creates this lip art using pigment №001 “Bronze” on top of lipstick

Explosion of color in eye makeup with ultrachameleon №700 “Alps”

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MUA: @manson.mua

Have a nice day followers and today in #usefultipsklepach we’ll talk about pigments and how to apply them correctly for permanent eye makeup⠀

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You ask us “why does the pigment crumble under the eyes?” etc. For those who want to be in trend and with beautiful makeup we have prepared recommendations and we’re ready to tell all the secrets of good application:

⠀• prepare everything you need: tints, brushes, pigments

⠀• prepare the eyelid (apply a tonal foundation to the eyelid)

⠀• use sticky textures as the base (base for the pigment) we recommend tints by klepach.pro

⠀• Until you fix the base with pigment, try not to move your eyes (look down)

⠀• use brushes E18, E19 (sable), E20 (pony pile)

⠀• keep in time until the tint is dry, apply pigment to the moving eyelid with printing movements (for rich color and shine)

⠀• don’t apply pigment on the eyelid without a base

⠀• don’t use synthetic brushes when you working with pigment

⠀• don’t try to fix pigments texture: star dust and sparks on a dry tint (sticky base is the key to success!)

⠀Follow these rules and your makeup will always be perfect!

Liquid eyeshadow №18 «Charming Venice» - enchanting, blue lilac shade

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In a makeup you can mix several liquid eyeshadows at the same time to get completely new shades.


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