Save @ermilovatatyana’s makeup!

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For creative accents you will need: №720 «Sahara Desert» №719 «Retba Lake»

He will definitely become your favorite!

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A loose highlighter 08 - "Песчаная буря" with a warm peach shade and reflective pigments, will give the skin a natural glow from the "inside"! For a soft natural finish, we recommend applying the product to dry textures! MUA: @k_malova

We are waiting for summer weather and admiring @olgaalisa_mua’s neon makeup

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Olga uses our №097 “Pink Crystal” in the inner corner of the eye.

Do you have an ultrachameleon shade that makes you feel like a queen?

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@browsmakeupstylist chooses №721 “Hamilton Lake”. And you?

We can't imagine makeup without liquid eyeshadows!

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If you like super long-lasting makeup - here is a list of products that Victoria used:

Liquid eyeshadows №02 «Many-Faced New York», №03 «Foggy London»

Pigments №137 «Engidros», №162 «Microcline»

Epic makeup!

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Get inspired by @muakatkova’s makeup with ultrachameleon №709 “Niagara Falls” and tint №18 “Charming Venice”


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@darianadar uses our new №206 “Asperula” from the base palette


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If you are new to makeup and you find it difficult to choose, then we have what you need.

We have 2 cool sets for you. They have everything you need for daytime and evening makeup.

• 2 cool pigments for experiments.

• Tint - use as a base for pigment or use as a creamy eyeshadow or lip tint.

• Brushes! You can easily create smokey and fix the pigment.

• Highlighter for a shimmery look. Highlight not only parts of the face, but also apply in the décolleté area.

• Use the primer for long-lasting makeup. Apply in a very thin layer and then apply the pigment!

And all this set in a convenient brush bucket! There is enough space for everything you need and even more.

Choose your color!


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• Svetlana, can we mix pigments?

“You can mix them with each other, but not all are suitable in composition. But if you mix different textures, they will just crumble.

You can experiment, but check it out for yourself. It’s important to follow the technological process. I advise you to work in the technique of “layering” pigments or using a primer, when you work with clients.”

• What is the best way to fix the pigment for maximum color rendering?

“Use our liquid eyeshadows and primer for this. These products you can use in eye and lip makeup."

• What is the most original use of your pigment you've seen?

“Very famous makeup artist makeup artist added our black pigment to a jar of cream and got a stunning black, matte paint and made a show. It was very cool and the most unusual case. In other experiments our pigments were added to nail polish and got the original shade, to hair foam and got a colored foam."

• When should we expect a new collection?

“Coming soon) We are waiting for raw materials for new shades. There are difficulties with customs due to the economic situation and the situation with the virus. But everything has been on the way for a long time and it’s very difficult to name dates, but we’ll try to please you with new products in the near future ”

MUA: @viktoria_makeichik


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