Svetlana Klepach - makeup artist and founder of KLEPACH.PRO cosmetics and brushes. Director and teacher of KLEPACH MAKEUP STUDIO, author of techniques and courses for makeup artists.

The first pigments of the KLEPACH.PRO brand appeared in 2014. Now the line of pigments consists of more than 200 shades. The sparkling chameleon line has won millions of hearts around the world.

Svetlana with great interest was fond of pigments and for a very long time she couldn’t find the perfect combination of quality ease of use and a wide palette of colors. She decided to create shades and chose the best of the best. Svetlana by herself invented shades and mixing them together.

The logo of our pigments is a fairy. This is a magical creature with small wings behind its back. They wear airy dresses made from flower petals, and their pollen is contained in magical bottles. With her, magical creatures created incredible beauty things.

And when you ask: "where do you get such a sparkling and magical colors?", you should know - we work with fairies


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