Morning starts with coffee and eye makeup with a primer. Primer helps to prepare the eyelid skin for the application of pigments.

The primer degreases the skin of the eyelids, creates on their surface a base coat on which the next layers of cosmetics are fixed better.

Evens the relief of the eyelid so makeup funds are easier to distribute.

Primer by KLEPACH.PRO provides eye firmness so the pigment doesn’t roll.


Apply primer in a thin layer. If you let it dry you can work on it with matte shadows so you will get lasting eye makeup.

If you need a denser effect - apply the pigment as quickly as possible until the primer is dry.

If you apply a pigment texture - sparks you get a glossy effect.

Our primer doesn’t dissolve the previous layers of makeup so you can put it on the ready-made makeup and put pigment on top if it’s necessary in your eye makeup.


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